Journal of Rosa damascena 

Union Medicinal plants of Iran


The Journal of Rosa damascena (JRD) is a biyearly multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that is licensed to be published by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Deputy of Press and Information with registration number 86169 in the name of the Union Medicinal Plants of Iran. This journal works with the approaches of providing scientific resources as well as solutions based on research and review studies in Damask Rose plant as well as other species (Rosa spp.)  in the following fields:


Cultivation and genetic improvement, physiological and ecological aspects, plant nutrition and soil fertility, medicinal aspects and traditional medicine, post-harvesting, processing, and packaging operations, ornamental aspects, economic and marketing, plant protection, mechanization, and other relative aspects.


JRD encourages researchers to submit their valuable manuscripts for rapid publication and also invites editors and reviewers to join the editorial team all around the world. The journal presents full-length research articles that describe original and fundamental findings of significance that contribute to the rose plant and other species of roses, as well as shorter communications reporting significant new findings, technical notes on the new methodology. Review articles are also warmly welcomed.





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